My website ( still linked on in the section on "Libraries and Academia" has been archived via the Internet Archive: The Wayback Machine.  For more recent information, please consult my profile on MLA Commons (linked now in my updated signature below). 

A link to my archived site is accessible in my MLA Commons profile and also via my linked Yuku profile (e.g., click on "shmerritt" in the "Author" section of this post).

Several other links provided throughout (e.g, via the menu options "Links", "Archive") have also become dead links or defunct.  Since such links haven't been updated recently, I mention the following as well:

For those interested in the Harold Pinter Society (re-named the International Harold Pinter Society a few years ago), please consult the society's site (; its direct link is here (

For information about the Harold Pinter Archive in the British Library, please use the BL search facility for Add MS 88880; the links provided on this site ( need updating; often the past links provided to the search facility have timed out and issue an error message.  Here is the link to the Harold Pinter Archive that is working today.

If these links cease functioning correctly, please search for the URLs via mouse-right-click "properties" or use the BL search facility.  From time to time, I may edit this post or add other posts. smiley: smile

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