[Note: This is an update to the previous thread on Pinter Fortnightly at ACT relating to MLA program Pinter in Seattle: A Creative Conversation with Frank Corrado and Harry Burton, which I had organized and presided at during the annual MLA Convention in Seattle, in Jan. 2012.]

The Pinter Festival at ACT (A Contemporary Theatre), curated and produced by Frank Corrado, who also performed in it, began in Seattle, Washington, on 20 July 2012 and ran for over a month, through 26 August.

You will find important updates on the Pinter Fortnightly blog, which contains the related links to ACT and Frank Corrado's introductory festival program notes (long form), as well as links to many audiovisual features of great interest to other Pinterites.  You can also access his previous posts to that blog, which are archived.

Henry Woolf was a very important part of this Pinter Festival (see ACT's calendar of performances and related events).  He began his appearances and work in Seattle in mid August.  I traveled to Seattle for the final long weekend (23-26) in order to be able to see all of the productions of Pinter's plays and sketches, which was a terrific experience.

Major kudos to Frank Corrado and to all at ACT for arranging this Pinter Festival and for their work on Pinter Fortnightly for the past few years! smiley: happy

Of special related interest:
Here is the link to Frank Corrado's "channel" on YouTube.  It contains many significant videos of Pinter Fortnightly and related events, including several videos featuring Henry Woolf and Harry Burton, along with Frank Corrado and other actors and directors involved with Harold Pinter and his work.  Many of them are simply experiences not to be missed. smiley: pimp

[Note:  Any Google or other search engine can provide the links to ACT and Pinter Festival-related news and reviews, which have been featured in online newspapers, blogs, and related internet resources.  E.g., preliminary announcements and updated news accounts and reviews may be found via BWW, Playbill and related theater news sites.]


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