On behalf of its presenter, Professor Emeritus Dr. Wiel Kusters, of Maastricht University, in the Netherlands, I am posting a current YouTube link to his recent valedictory speech on the occasion of his retirement, in which he focuses mostly on Harold Pinter's performance in his 2005 Nobel Prize Lecture, "Art, Truth and Politics" and also, to a lesser degree, on his performance in Krapp's Last Tape (Royal Court Upstairs, Oct. 2006).  This address was presented at Maastricht University on 1 June 2012 as part of its Valedictory Symposia.

Afscheidsrede Prof.dr. Wiel Kusters. De waarheid ten tonele: Harold Pinter over kunst, waarheid en
(Professor Dr. Wiel Kusters: "Staging the Truth: Harold Pinter on Art, Truth and Politics")

From the YouTube description posted by Maastricht University:

In his valedictory lecture at Maastricht University on June 1, 2012, Wiel Kusters, professor of comparative literature and a well known Dutch poet, delivered an original analysis and interpretation of Harold Pinter's Nobel Lecture 'Art, Truth and Politics'.

The lecture is in Dutch with subtitles in English.

For those in the UK and elsewhere who may not be able to access the address via YouTube, Professor Kusters' presentation is now available via Maastricht University's own server at the following English-language webpage, preceded by an introduction:

Staging the Truth: Harold Pinter on Art, Truth and Politics (the video follows the introduction)

As I have written to Professor Kusters, I found his presentation both fascinating and entertaining to experience.  While he is not an expert on Pinter or Pinter's works, his perspective is of interest to academics who do specialize in Pinter and related subjects, I believe, as well as to a more general audience.  I do not want to say more about it, because I do not want to provide "spoilers."  I suggest that viewers experience it firsthand for themselves.  [I have updated this post below.]

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Updated on 4 August 2012 (with additional information provided by Professor Kusters):

"If you meet problems in accessing the lecture on YouTube, please go to http://www.maastrichtuniv...tTheFaculty/Symposia.htm
and there click on the image below the  introductory text."
For the convenience of readers of this Forum, I am adding the Maastricht University's webpage link also earlier in this message, since it offers important introductory information about Professor Kusters and the academic contexts of his valedictory address.  As the YouTube description quoted above states, Professor Kusters aims primarily to present his own "original analysis and interpretation" of Harold Pinter's Nobel Lecture "Art, Truth and Politics."  He also considers Pinter's performance in Krapp's Last Tape and addresses interdisciplinary perspectives, making his presentation of interest to those in a variety of disciplines, including literary arts, theater, other media studies, philosophy, and the sciences.

If you are located in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, the Maastricht University webpage link may be more accessible than the one originally accessed via YouTube, which is also supplied by Maastricht University. smiley: smile 

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