"Pinter in Seattle: A Creative Conversation with Frank Corrado and Harry Burton" is a program that I have organized for the International Harold Pinter Society, to be held at the 2012 Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association (MLA), in Seattle, Washington, from 5-8 January.

I invited both Frank Corrado--the Seattle-based creator and curator of Pinter Fortnightly, which he produces at Seattle's ACT (A Contemporary Theatre)--and Harry Burton--the London-based actor, director, and friend of Harold Pinter who directed the documentary film Working with Pinter and who was to edit his letters (see other pertinent threads posted earlier)--to engage in this relatively-new program format that the MLA calls a "Creative Conversation."   They will be talking about their experiences rehearsing and performing Pinter's dramatic work and demonstrating their techniques.

"Pinter in Seattle" is one of two sessions that the Pinter Society will be sponsoring at the 2012 MLA Convention.  The other session, called "Harold Pinter's Voice," has been organized by Judith Roof, and she will preside over it.  (I will also be presenting a paper on "Harold Pinter's Voices" in that session.)

The time and venue of "Pinter in Seattle" (which I confirmed for MLA Program copy in late July) is:
Saturday, 7 January 2012, from 3:30-4:45 p.m., 608, Washington State Convention Center.

Please consult the MLA's official website (www.mla.org) for further information and possible 2012 Annual Convention program changes or updates.  The Pinter Society's website (www.pintersociety.org) will be listing information about such upcoming annual MLA Convention sessions in due course.  So please check that site as well.

I look forward to seeing my friends and colleagues and meeting those able to attend these sessions in Seattle in January. 

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